About Us

VirtualBank built an online banking process from the ground up.

Built for security and ease of use, both our clients and staff have all the tools and information they need right at their fingertips.

Ahead of the pack, VirtualBank has always had its eye on the future.

The future of banking forever changed by the convenience of online banking. While most traditional banks have adapted and cobbled together legacy systems added an online interface, VirtualBank has one platform, built to do business online and founded to save clients' money on everyday banking.

We're building your wealth, not bank branches.

At traditional banks the cost involved in building bank branches is passed along to banking customers in fees and rates. VirtualBank does not have a network of branches and operates efficiently through electronic and ATM transactions. This creates operating cost efficiencies which enable us to offer you higher yields on deposit accounts. And isn't that what banking is all about?

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