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Online Banking

As part of our new Digital Banking experience, you have access to a simpler, cleaner Online Banking platform. Navigate with ease to check your account balance and move money seamlessly with a smarter, fresher digital banking experience.

With our new Online Banking platform, you'll have a more consistent look and feel across all your devices
, simplifying how you manage your accounts. Bank on your schedule and enjoy the peace of mind that your account information is securely accessible.

Check balances, move money, and manage savings on your schedule. Plus, more.

  • Enhanced security
  • Connect accounts at other financial institutions
  • Simplified bank to bank transfers
  • Bill Pay
  • e-Statements
  • Organize your accounts across devices
  • Access to Mobile Banking1

Already enrolled in Online Banking? There’s nothing else you need to do. You’re all set!

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Sign up for E-Statements

Go green and reduce the clutter of paper statements. With e-Statements, download, print and save your statements in an instant. Plus, going forward, get up to 18 months of statement history through Online Banking.

Enroll your account(s) in minutes:

  1. Log into Online or Mobile Banking
  2. Select a deposit account
  3. Select “Documents”
  4. Click on “Documents and Settings”
  5. Enroll “All Accounts,” or place checkmarks next to account(s) you wish to enroll
  6. Click “Save Settings”

Online Banking FAQs 


What browser do I need for Online Banking?
To have the best experience while using our new Online Banking platform, please ensure you download the latest version of one of these browsers: ChromeFirefoxMicrosoft Edge, or Safari. Internet Explorer no longer supports the minimum security measures required to keep your data safe when using our new Online Banking. 

What is two-factor authentication?
Two-factor authentication is an additional layer of security using a verification code that only a specific user has access to.

Why is a verification code needed each time I login to Online Banking?
Check your browser settings to be sure it does not delete your cookies and browsing history.  In addition, be sure to click “Don’t ask for codes again on this computer” box that appears on the verification code screen, you will not have to enter the code for future logins to that computer. Note: Never use the feature when using a public or shared computer.

Can I receive the two factor verification code via email?
The ability to receive the two factor code by email is not an available option.

I entered my telephone number for the verification code, why am I not receiving the phone call or text message with the code?
Please be sure the last 2 digits on the screen are accurate.  If you do not receive a phone call with the verification code, please contact Client Service.

Do I need to sign out of Online Banking?
Yes, the sign out option is located at the top right of screen where you see the arrow next to your name.


How do I print my account activity?
After selecting an account from the dashboard, click the print icon at the top of the Activity menu bar.  

How do I use the “organize accounts” feature to see my accounts in a certain order?
In the Accounts section, click the arrows, then all of your accounts will appear. To move an account, left click on the symbol and drag the account in the order in which you would like for it to appear when viewing your accounts. Once completed, click “Done” and you will be routed back to the dashboard of the main page.


Bill Pay/Pay a Person

Under Move Money, what features/services are available on the Payments page?

  • View your payment history or edit a scheduled payment
  • View and edit your payees
  • Add a new payee by click the “+New Payee” button
  • Pay a bill to pay a company
  • Pay a person by using the recipients email address and provide them with a one-time keyword.
  • Once they’ve activated their account, you can send them payments.
  • Access the scheduled payments calendar. Anywhere you see an orange dot below a date indicates a payment is scheduled.

Is there a limit on how many Bill Pay payees I can add?
There are no limitations to the number of payees that can be added to your payee list.

When should I use Pay a Bill and Pay a Person in the money movement section?
If you are already enrolled in Bill Pay and have established payees, you will see your existing company in the Pay a Bill section and your individual payees in the Pay a Person section.

Where do I find my Bill Pay history?
Click the "Manage Payment" tab to view Bill Pay History and other Bill Pay details.


Can I add a memo description when making a one-time/immediate transfer between VirtualBank accounts?

Yes. Here's how:

  • Select transfers from the “Move money” card,
  • Select the from and to accounts,
  • Enter an amount,
  • Click the “More options” link to display more details,
  • The “once” frequency and “soonest available” date will default, so there’s no need to make any changes,
  • Type your information in the memo entry field,
  • Click submit and that’s it!  The confirmation page will appear will include your memo description.

How do I set up a recurring transfer?
Click the Transfer option in the “Move money” card on the Dashboard. 

How do I setup a transfer to my account at another bank?
Select the transfer option, you can transfer to or from your external account to or from your VirtualBank account. After you submit your external transfer, you will be able to monitor it while it is pending by clicking on Scheduled activities within the Activity section.

How do I setup my account at another bank to transfer to/from?
Click the + (plus) sign in the Accounts section, then click Make external transfers.

How do I setup a transfer between my accounts at VirtualBank?
There are a few of different places to choose from to enter a transfer. 
  • Option 1 – Use the Transfer option on the dashboard at the top right of the screen.
  • Option 2 – Click “Move Money” from the top menu bar, then select transfer.
  • Option 3 – Select an account from the “Accounts” section of the dashboard, then select the transfer option located on the right side of the screen.

When I transfer funds from my external account, how long will my funds be held before they are accessible? 
Funds will be held for three business beginning the day after the funds are posted to your VirtualBank account.

Where can I see my scheduled transfers?
Scheduled transfers are located in “Scheduled Activities” within each individual account or to view all scheduled activity, select “Activity”, located on the Dashboard. 


Can I view and/or print my deposit images?


How I can I view my e-Statements?  
The e-Statements are available after selecting an account from the Dashboard.

Why do I get a blank screen when I try to access my e-Statements?
If you are using Internet Explorer, try using a different browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari. 


Can I place a stop payment online?
Yes, but only for check items. If you need to place a stop payment on a pre-authorized (ACH) electronic transaction or debit card transaction, you will need to contact Client Service at (877) 998-2265, OPTION 3.

Where do I find the stop payment option in Online Banking?
Select the account you wish to place the stop payment, then click the option located on the right side of the screen.


How does the new feature of connecting to an institution work?
Connecting to an institution allows you to view your account information at other participating financial institutions. Not all banks participate, so if your bank is not in the top 25 pick list you can try entering your bank name in the search field. If your bank participates it will ask you to enter the login credentials you use for that bank. If the bank does not participate, you will receive a message stating “We don’t recognize this institution”.

Can I import my transactions into

If you are able to successfully login to online banking outside of, and still not able to import your transaction activity, please call Intuit support.

Can I send secure messages?
Yes, click the icon in the “Messages” section of the dashboard. Response time to messages is within 1-2 business days.

Why am I receiving the message “my account needs attention” when I log in?
Should you receive this message, please contact Client Service during normal business hours so that we may assist you.

Have additional questions? Contact our Client Service at (877) 998-2265, OPTION 3.

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